Wednesday, July 08, 2009

No longer a MoHo

It is with great pleasure that I write this post. As of today(or within the next few days) I will be recognized by the LDS Church as no longer a member! A while ago I sent a letter to Church Headquarters telling them I was resigning from the church at which point legally I understand I was no longer a member, however, they sent me a letter shortly after that saying that it was a local ecclesiastical matter and that the bishop in the ward where I lived would be contacting me to discuss the matter. Well a lot of time passed and I didn't heard anything further when finally tonight a missionary and his local Mormon companion for the night came knocking on my door. They said they were updating the records and asked if I was still a member of the church. I said no and they asked if I had my name removed from the church. I said yes and they said they'd update the records. They asked if I wanted any visits and I said no. After a little small talk they were gone. The whole motivation for me to finally resign was the church's involvement in getting Proposition 8 passed in California. I could no longer stand to have my name associated with the Mormon Church and at last it no longer will be.

Me on my mission during P-day(we got to wear normal clothes since it was our day off of proselytizing)


[kɹeɪ̯ɡ̊] said...

Congratulations. It's a wonderful feeling being free, and when asked (which certainly happens more here in Utah than elsewhere) I always relish saying no, I'm not Mormon.

Abelard Enigma said...

Does this make you an xMoHo? :)

btw, having missionaries visit you is not typically part of the process; plus, missionaries aren't authorized to "update the records" (at least the official church records, they might have been referring to their own private records) - that has to be done by the stake clerk. You should receive a letter confirming that your name has been removed. If you haven't received that letter then you might want to send a copy of your resignation letter to your local bishop. Normally there is a waiting period (in case you change your mind); however, you can specifically state that you are waiving the normal waiting period and want this action to be effective immediately.

Southern Gay Mormon said...

You're still a member of the church. The missionaries who came by were merely updating the ward membership records. When you told them that your name had been removed from the records of the church, you were actually incorrect. So yes, you're a Mormon.. no, you're not in that ward anymore.

If you do plan to have your name removed from the records of the church, you will need to speak with the bishop.

Dave said...

Oh I'm not a member, I got a letter a little while later from the church saying so.

KK said...

Congrats!!! It is not an easy task to get your name removed from the registry, I've been trying for years but every time I succeed my Grandpa throws it back on there. Sigh... Oh well to each their own right?

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