Sunday, July 16, 2006

My birthday week

Last Tuesday was my birthday so I celebrated with different activities all week long. It was nice to celebrate in Columbus for the first time.

On Tuesday I was supposed to shadow a physician at the MS clinic, but the program coordinator forgot to tell me that the physician was in India. So I had the morning off and in the afternoon I arranged to shadow a radiologist which was fun. I got some pointers on applying for resideny and stuff. I still like radiology a lot. I had lunch with Julie and Lindsey before heading over to the radiologist. After Kip got done with work he picked me up and we went to Chili's for my birthday. I wanted something fast and had been craving Chili's for a while, so it was good. We met Julie at Graeter's and got delicious sundaes. Kip gave me a lot of thoughtful gifts-a massage gift certificate, a CD, a Pound Puppy and a shirt from Abercrombie. I was really impressed. I was impressed with my family. Everyone except the oldest remembered my birthday by emailing, calling or sending a card.

On Wednesday I got my board scores back and was pleasantly surprised by how well I did. I'll be able to do radiology now, so I'm really excited about that.

On Thursday night I joined the boys for their weekly Union Station night. We started at Aaron's and had a fun time playing kings and quarters. They got me a birthday cookie so that was fun to blow out the candles. We went to Union Station where Julie requested Hips Don't Lie so I got really excited and started dancing on a chair. They told me to get down so I went up to the stage and started dancing. Some lesbians started putting dollar bills down my pants so I took my shirt off for them and ended up making five dollars. We didn't stay too late because Kip, Julie and I had to work the next day.

On Saturday I had a birthday dinner at Buca di Beppo with Erika and all of our med school friends. Erika's birthday is next week so we decided to share our birthday dinner. The food was really good and we got a big jug of wine to share. Kip's friend made me a delicious rasberry filled cake with this cream cheese frosting. Everyone loved it. After dinner we went to Gasworks, but they wouldn't let Sean in because he was wearing a jersey so we went to Novak's. Julie and Lindsey bought us all two shots and then a tequila shot for our birthday. It was really hot in there so we went outside to the patio for a while. We left there and went to Lodge Bar. We sat at a table for a while then they started playing good music so we went to dance for about a half an hour. It was really fun. The highlight was Julie and I dancing dirty to "Hang On Sloopy." Everytime the said O-H-I-O we would grind into each other and then bust up laughing. It was nice to get to dance with everyone and it was a good way to cap off a great week.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Sorry for my long absence

Sorry to all my readers who've been anxiously awaiting another post. Things have been crazy around here while finishing up my second year of med school, taking the boards and starting Med 3.

We were to start Med 3 on Monday but when I showed up at my assigned Neurology clinic the nurses told me that the doctor I was supposed to be working with wasn't seeing patients that day so they told me I could go home and they'd call me. I went home and called the coordinator of the program and she told me that I could take the day off and start on Wednesday. Monday also made nine months since our first date, so Kip and I went out to eat and then to see the big fireworks show that Columbus puts on.

On the Fourth of July we went to two barbecues. One was with my med school friends at Brad's house where we ate hamburgers, brats and I made strawberry daquiris. We shot off some fireworks. At night we went to another barbecue at Sanjida's apartment. We grilled chicken and had mojitos. We went back to Kip's apartment and watched more fireworks from his window.

On Wednesday morning I went to shadow a neuro-oncologist which was interesting. We saw a good number of patients with brain tumors. I did more at my first preceptorship last year than I did with this doctor so that's not what I expected from third year. He gave me a packet of articles that he wrote to read. Thursday I was in the neurology clinic but I only saw one patient all day and it was with a resident. Friday was better, I saw three patients with memory loss with an attending and got to see a full neuro exam for the first time. I've had every afternoon off except for Wednesday when we had a lecture, so it was a pretty easy week to start off my third year.