Monday, May 23, 2005

Family Fun

My second oldest brother Tom, his wife and four kids are visiting my parents in Utah. They have lived in Guam for the past year so I haven't seen much of them during that time. I was excited to get to talk to them while they are staying at my parents.

So today I decided to call my sister Katie on her cell phone so I can talk to everyone. Katie is nice, she tells me about going to Star Wars and eveything, then she puts Madison, my 10-year-old niece, on the phone. Madison is so cute and told me a little about Guam. Then she says, here's Katie. Katie says that basically Tom's too busy to let me talk to anyone, so I told Katie I'd talk to her later and hung up.

So basically the point is that I feel left out of my family. No one except for Katie calls me, supposedly because they don't have cell phones. I always have to call them and that hasn't happened too frequently in the past few months. The last time i was home was for Christmas break.

Well this just makes me only want to visit home for two weeks or less this summer.


I called home today in between classes to tell my dad that I didn't have his Star Wars DVD's (Katie had told me he was wondering if I had them). My brother Tom aswered so I got to talk to him for a minute before my dad got on the other phone and my brother hung up. I told my dad I'd call back later to talk to Tom.