Monday, August 28, 2006

Shakira concert

I've waited for six years to finally Shakira in concert and it was amazing! Our seats were on the floor right in the center, 19 rows back. I can' believe how close I got to her. At one point she came into the audience, down the right side and she was probably within 10-15 seats of me. She sang mostly in Spanish and sang most of my favorite songs from all of her albums. Her part lasted about an hour and 40 minutes. These are the songs she sang:

Estoy Aqui
Te Dejo Madrid
Don’t Bother
Hey You
La Tortura
Si Te Vas
Ciega, Sordomuda
Para Obtener Un Si
Whenever, Wherever
Underneath Your Clothes
La Pared
Pies Descalzos
Ojos Asi
Hips Don’t Lie