Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Happy Birthday, Julie!

Monday was Julie's 25th birthday. To celebrate a group of us from med school and Chris went to Martini's for yummy Italian food and martinis.

We love you, Julie!

Monday, October 24, 2005

Shakira's new album cover

Sony realeased the cover art for Shakira's new album:

Shakira looks hot as Eve.

This all-English album will be released on November 29th.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Shakira rocks!!

So I came across this article on

To break the record or not to break the record -- that is the question on
Billboard's Hot Latin Songs chart, and it won't be answered until next week.
For now, Shakira and Alejandro Sanz have to be content with holding the
No. 1 osition on this chart for the 19th non-consecutive week with "La Tortura".

Since the all-time record for longest stay at No. 1 on the Hot Latin Songs tally
is the 20-week reign of "A Puro Dolor" by Son by Four in 2000, Shakira and
Alejandro could tie the record next week and surpass it in two weeks.

"La Tortura" is Shakira's fifth Latin chart-topper. "Ciega, Sordomuda" spent
three weeks on top, starting in November 1998. The follow-up, "Tu," led the
list for one week in February 1999. "Suerte" held sway for seven weeks,
starting in October 2001. "Que Me Quedes Tu" also had a lone week in pole
position, in March 2003.

I hope she does break the record because that song is amazing.


She did it! 21 non-consecutive weeks at Number 1!

Columbus Marathon

Yesterday I ran the Columbus Marathon. Today I'm trying to move as little as possible. My legs are killing me right now.

My mom came into town to watch me run. I made her stay in a hotel. I'm glad she did. I can only stand her in low doses. Not that she's not a nice person, she's just annoying at times. But I guess it was nice to have her support.

I woke up at 6:00 AM on race morning, got ready and headed over to my mom's hotel to pick her up. Julie was good to wake up bright and early and meet my mom and I at the finish line to drive us to the starting line. We arrived at around 7:00 AM. We stayed warm inside Starbucks until I went to find a bathroom. The line for the port-o-potties was way too long so I wandered down to the YMCA and thankfully was able to use the bathroom there. On the way back to Julie and my mom I saw Jared, Lindsay and Jen, Jared's sister. Jared, in my class, was also running the marathon. We had a joint carbo-loading party the night before. I left them to find my mom and Julie, which I did after a brief panic since they had moved outside. I gave them my warm clothes and went to the starting line right around the 7:00 minute/mile people.

I was a little bit rusty at the start, but after a couple of miles I was feeling really good and staying under my 3 hour target time pace. I found a group of three guys that I ran with until about mile 14. At the half marathon point I was at 1:27, three minutes under my target time, so I was really happy. Julie handed me a Gu packet and I continued on my way.

Coming up High Street, after I saw Mathiew, Jonathan, Ryan, Alison, Aaron, Chris, Chris, Zack, John and Beth, I started slowing down. After Lane Avenue there was an uphill until Dodridge. I didn't really pay attention to my pace, but right before Dodridge I saw that I was a minute or two over pace. I was upset, but by that time I was starting to feel tired. I tried to pick up the pace but I couldn't. Erika handed me a cup of my favorite Gatorade at the corner of Dodridge and High. Lindsay and Jen handed me Gu and an orange on Ackerman. Kip was waiting at around mile 20, then Julie and Mom were right before I turned down Lane. I continued to slow down, going 8-minute miles. It was discouraging when the 3:10 pace group passed me and I couldn't keep up with them. I saw Erik, Kristi and Alison on Neil, then Chris, Zack and John on Park. Don was right near the finish. By the end I was at 9-minute miles. I ended up going 3:15.44. I guess I needed to train more so I could keep up my pace for the whole marathon. I needed a 3:10 to qualify for Boston, which i did last marathon.

It was fun to give everyone a hug at the finish and have my mom meet all my friends. As I was finishing I was so happy. I knew I hadn't got my best time but I had finished another marathon, in my new hometown, with my new family helping me along the way. It was an amazing experience. Thanks to everyone who came to watch. I always had such a big smile on my face whenever I saw one of my friends. You helped me make it 26.2 miles. Next time I will break 3 hours and I hope you're all there to watch.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Forming a GSA in a Utah County high school

Oh no, what will those conservative Mormons in Happy Valley do now? Here's an article in the Deseret News about a student trying to form a Gay-Straight Alliance at Provo High School(one of my high school rivals).

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Days update

So now that my test is over I've been able to start catching up on all my shows that I have DVRed.

Wednesday's Days of Our Lives was a great one. Austin is back looking hot as always and giving eveyone advice. Lucas got a cute haircut and was visiting his new niece in the hospital. He suggested they name the baby Kiki. Philip said that if it was a boy they were going to name him Luke after Lucas, so that was cute. Sami pulled all of her old wedding dresses out of her closet. There were three from failed Austin marriages, one from Franco, one from Brandon and one from Lucas, plus the one she was wearing. It was hilarious.

This is a great quote and the reason I love Sami so much: “I’m telling you Austin if that crazy bitch[Nicole] isn’t gone when I get out, I’m gonna tear her bloodshot eyes out.”