Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Intern

I started my first day of my intern year yesterday. I am on an inpatient general medicine service for my first month. I feel like I'm already getting the hang of things and that I'll be able to handle intern year just fine. I like being in charge of my own patients and writing orders. I will have my first overnight call on Thursday so I am nervous for that. Unfortunately I'll be on call for the 4th of July so I'm sad that I won't get to celebrate with Kip that day. We'll have to have a BBQ the next day, I guess.

Mormon church at it again with their hate

Here is an article from The Deseret News which talks about a letter the leadership of the Mormon church sent out to their California congregations which encourages the membership of the church to support the amendment banning gay marriage in California which will be up for a vote in November. When will the church stop discriminating against gay people? Why do they care if gay people are allowed to have civil marriages? Why can't they let the California members decide of their own free will whether they will or won't support the amendment. I wonder how my brother who lives in California will vote.